It looks like EA Games are preparing to announce details on the next Battlefield game a little before E3 2018 if a secret teaser site is to be believed.

According to YouTube creator Westie, the next Battlefield game could be announced as early as May 23. This speculation comes from a secret teaser page on EA’s own website. If you head to this page you’ll be directed to a fairly blank page with the date May 23, 2018 accompanied by the hashtag “#battlefield”.

Diving deeper into the source code of the page also reveals a link to an image of a painting of a horse:


It’s also worth noting that clicking on the social links offers users to send out the following pre-composed tweet: “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.”

The above image, paired with the “Never Be The Same” tagline could be hints as to what’s in store for players in the next entry into the series, but honestly, I can’t put two and two together right now…

Either way, if that isn’t a blatant tease that something Battlefield-related will be revealed on May 23, I don’t know what is. EA have yet to acknowledge the page through any of their public channels, we’ve reached out to the company for a comment.

In other Battlefield news, it seems this entry will have a single player campaign and currently has the name “Battlefield V”. I guess we’ll have to wait until May 23 to see if anything is unveiled.

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