Battlefield 5 has confirmed its World War 2 setting, in the game’s reveal livestream on May 23.

The Battlefield 5 Reveal Stream was first announced when players discovered the details of an easter egg, added into Battlefield 1. The stream can be viewed in full here.

It seems Battlefield 5 is set to bring several changes to the way we play the game, bringing the Second World War to life with revamped destruction and explosions, giving explosions a knockback effect, and increasing the detail of the destructive possibilities given to players, with high-caliber rounds able to penetrate materials. The game will also feature a fortifications system, designed to allows players to build reinforcements on the battlefield.

The game seems set to bring back the Conquest mode of previous titles, ditching the changes made to the game mode in Battlefield 1. Expanding upon its maiden inclusion in the franchise within Battlefield 1, operations returns as Grand Operations, and is set to take place across multiple ‘Days’ offering different maps and game modes, ending in a last man standing mode on Day 4. The multiplayer will be showcased in 2 weeks time at EA Play in LA.

War Stories is set to make a return, with a focus set on engaging, people-focused stories, further developing the concept from Battlefield 1. The game will also see the return of co-operative play, with the inclusion of Combined Arms, consisting of scenarios designed for up to 4 players.

Each player will have their own selection of soldiers and vehicles refered to as their ‘Company.’ This system will house all of the players customisation and attachments, and allow for players to personalise their character, removing the nameless characters of the pervious titles.

In what can only be seen as the best move possible for the franchise, the infamous Premium Pass has been removed. Gone are the player base splitting DLC’s of old, in favour for a live service model, Called Tides of War. This model will expand upon the game over the duration of its life cycle, with the first set of content set to be based around the fall of Europe, and appears that the game will be expanding along with the real expansion of the war, judging from this addition.

You can view Battlefield 5’s launch trailer below:

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