The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that The CW’s next big Arrowverse crossover will see Gotham and its heroine, Batwoman, coming to the show.

Every year we’re treated to some sort of crossover in comics. Whether all the superheroes of one world have to come together to fight one super big evil like Final Crisis, or sometimes, it’s like when Green Lantern teamed up with the crew of the Enterprise to battle the Klingons and Sinestro.

Since comics are dominating the blockbuster scene right now and are making their moves to take over TV we sometimes get a TV crossover. Like in DC’s live-action TV show continuity, the Arroweverse. In the past, we’ve seen the Flash team up with Arrow, the Flash meeting Supergirl, and just last year, we saw all three come together to fight Nazi’s in a parallel universe.

This year, Gotham is coming to the Arrowverse and probably get a clear answer to the status of Batman in this universe. Though if you thought the caped crusader is going to be feuding with Arrow or meeting this universes version of Superman, guess again since Batwoman is the newest hero coming to the franchise this Autumn.

Kate Kane, a cousin of Bruce Wayne, is a top-notch soldier who became a superhero and adopted a guise similar to her relative. She was also featured on the front of Out, a popular gay lifestyle magazine as she became a high profile gay superhero.

She also appeared in Batman: Bad Blood, an animated movie adapting the Batman RIP storyline.

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