Bethesda have finally announced the newest addition to the Fallout franchise: Fallout 76

The announcement came after a 20-hour live stream from the Bethesda Twitch channel showing a Vault-Tec bobblehead in front of a TV showing a repeating gif of “Please Stand By”. Various shenanigans ensued throughout the stream, involving puppets, plushies, cupcakes and Nuka-Cola.

Speculations ran wild the moment the gif was first shared on social media by the Fallout and Bethesda accounts, and these speculations are set to continue with more information to be presented during E3 2018.

Fallout 76 will undoubtedly feature Vault 76, a control vault set to open 20 years after the nuclear war had ended. Vault 76 is mentioned in multiple places throughout Fallout 3 and its add-on DLC Mothership Zeta, as well as Fallout 4. The vault is said to be located in West Virginia, which according to the lore was an impoverished region due to them illegally separating itself from Virginia 214 years before the Great War. The area is supposedly rich in natural resources but has been picked clean by the more prosperous lands around it.

Beyond this little to nothing else is known. Rumours suggest the game may be primarily online, featuring content similar to that of the Destiny series, or even some form of Battle Royale style gameplay. Stars know we need another one of those on the market. Other rumours suggest that it may be a management sim akin to that of Bethesda’s mobile game, Fallout Shelter, but with more depth and focus on the Overseer’s role.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

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