It’s E3 season! Which means it’s time to look at the major publishers and speculate what they’ll have for us at the big show. Each week leading up to E3 I will have two preview and prediction articles for you that compile different rumors and news across the internet to make worthwhile guesses on what we will see at each press conference and more.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, I will bring you a rundown of a different publisher, or a group of third parties, and try to detail what announcements they’ll have for us. Plus I’ll try to add in some fun predictions that are in the realm of possibility.

Make sure to bookmark our E3 2018 hub so you don’t miss any of the preview articles. I’ve also included a schedule below of when each article will go live.

We’re only 28 days from the first “official” day of E3 and the pre-E3 announcements have begun. Which is exactly why I’m starting with Bethesda this year because they marked off one of my predictions already with the help of that Walmart Canada leak.

Pete Hines, company marketing VP at Bethesda, recently tweeted that this year’s showcase could be the longest one yet. And even if that’s not totally accurate, he’s describing the show as “packed.” Whether that’s packed with a lot of different games or a lot of new content to show us of a few new games, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Much like last year, Bethesda will be releasing an expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online ahead of E3. I don’t imagine we’ll get too much ESO news during the press conference, but I’m sure they’ll make mention of it. Although, I’m sure everyone else will be on the lookout for a different Elder Scrolls announcement (see below). But let’s start with something easy. Thanks, Walmart.


I was able to cross this off my prediction list much earlier than I anticipated. I had RAGE 2 in my notes for weeks thinking the revival of the project was real (it was first cancelled in 2015 while id Software worked on it but they then switched focus to the DOOM reboot) and of course it was teased up while I was on vacation so I couldn’t get this written to beat the news. But, either way, we’re getting a sequel to the 2011 post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque first-person shooter.

RAGE 2 is being developed by Avalanche Studios who developed recent open-world games Just Cause 3 and Mad Max. Since RAGE is incredibly similar to Mad Max, this seems like a good fit.

This article will go live the same day Bethesda plans to show off the first gameplay for RAGE 2. So by the time you’re reading this, you may have already seen the new footage and have formed your own opinions.

Prey – Expansion

Over the past few months, we have gotten different teases from people over at Arkane Studios that involve Prey and the Moon. The quick and easy relation is that we’re getting some kind of Moonbase DLC for Prey.

There have been some other fun little exchanges between fans, Bethesda employees and accounts on Twitter and Reddit from someone posing as KasmaCorp, a corporation from the game that is a direct rival of TranStar. Whether that is real or not is still yet to be seen but the Twitter account associated with this marketing has gone private recently and expectations are being tempered.

I, for one, think this is real and we’re going to see some kind of expansion for Prey. I’m thinking along the lines of what Dishonored: Death of the Outsider was to Dishonored 2.


I left this out of my write up last year because the claims were from 4chan and there wasn’t really a strong backing to it and no one seemed to be talking about it. All we had was that person’s claims and that Bethesda had trademarked “Starfield” and renewed the trademark last year.

Starfield, according to rumors, is a Sci-Fi, open world game similar to that of Fallout. Which, again is according to rumors, has been in development for a long time, even dating back to Fallout 3.

There have been more and more threads popping up on ResetEra with the community speculating about whatever this secret title could be. In this particular thread, user Potterson claims to know about the Starfield project and even provided the forum’s mods with enough evidence to suggest that this person is in position to know something about the project. But that doesn’t confirm anything. So make sure you have your salt ready.

Just keep in mind, Bethesda is usually pretty leaky when it comes to new game announcements. This could be a super tight-lipped game but even with Bethesda’s best efforts, we knew plenty about Fallout 4 before it was announced.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Last year I kept my Elder Scrolls VI write-in simple, that it wasn’t going to happen. And this year I will echo that, it isn’t going to happen.

Take it off the E3 bingo boards, don’t take the bets with your friends and don’t get your hopes up.

Are we getting closer to the time when we see some vague tease of the new Elder Scrolls? Sure, we’re closer to future projects every day, that’s how time works. So if that’s what you want to hear, I hope that was enough.


To better fill the “game that has no signs of happening” gap in this article, I’m gonna say we’re close to seeing DOOM 2 (or Doom Five or whatever it is) from id Software.

Now it’s important to note that id Software is working on RAGE 2 with Avalanche Studios but it’s not known what their role in the production is. It could be as small as assisting with ideas and whatever else since id Software was the team working on the first run of RAGE 2 before they moved to DOOM (which was having its own issues at the time).

But DOOM performed super well and was regarded as a top shooter and in some cases and top game of 2016. And up until today, we haven’t heard of what id Software might be working on next. I’m thinking DOOM 2 is on the way.

E3 2018 Battle Royal Game Mode Oversaturation Extravaganza

Seems like most developers are trying to work in Battle Royal modes currently. So let’s not act surprised when we walk away from the E3 announcements with a new Battle Royal game mode somewhere at every major publisher.

Bethesda will re-work a game mode into Quake Champions to take advantage of the Battle Royal craze.


Every game Bethesda shows gameplay for will release in 2018. I think Bethesda really enjoys this new model of small announce to release windows and I believe that continues. So easily I think RAGE 2 and the Prey expansion is out this year. Besides that, Bethesda only has Wolfenstein 2 for Switch planned for 2018. But that will change.

(Editors note: Gage wrote this before Bethesda unveiled that RAGE 2 would be coming out in 2019… so, there’s that).

A previous Bethesda game will find its way to Switch. With the success of the Switch, I see more and more ports going that way and something that seems easy, from an outside perspective, is Fallout Shelter. Throw in some exclusive things for the Switch version and people will be downloading and buying new lunch boxes in no time.

A previous Bethesda game will make its way to VR. Prey VR? Ever want to change into a coffee cup and hide from an enemy? Do it, in VR! (If that’s part of the trailer, everyone reading this needs to tweet me @GageEdwards using the popular n3rdabl3 hashtag, #gagewasright (Editors Note: Stop trying to make this hashtag a thing, Gage.))

No mention of Skyrim this year. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s E3 and it’s time to get crazy.

That’s what I’m thinking with Bethesda. It’s a little more ‘safe’ than I would like but I feel like Bethesda has a lot for us this year and is trying to keep things pretty locked up until June 10.


As I mentioned earlier, I will have a new E3 preview article this Thursday, the 17th and will have two new articles each week until E3 kicks off.

Let me know what you think about Bethesda at E3 this year and be back on Thursday for a write up on Ubisoft’s conference!

E3 Preview Schedule:

  • May 17: Ubisoft
  • May 22: EA
  • May 24: Xbox
  • May 29: Playstation
  • May 31: Nintendo
  • June 5: Third Parties

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