Bethesda’s reaction to a leak earlier this week seems to be continuing, suggesting that RAGE 2 could be announced pretty soon.

Earlier this week a listing on Walmart’s website accidentally “leaked” a number of video games which are supposedly to be announced at E3 2018. One of those leaks was RAGE 2 and Bethesda quickly began reacting to it.

Initially, the RAGE Twitter account poked fun at the leak with a few little corrections of their own:

Initially, people applauded the reaction as a pretty clever way to respond to and almost debunk the leak, but then things started to get a little interesting. Obviously, Bethesda hasn’t exactly denied the leak, and has now started a little campaign of their own.

First, the Bethesda Twitter account posted an image of London’s Big Ben which in itself isn’t too peculiar, but what stood out was the big pink smear across the clock face, the same pink which matches that used in the initial image poking fun at Walmart.

This has lead to a lot of speculation, including people noting that the clock hands point to both 5 and 14 which many are suggesting is some sort of announcement date for RAGE 2.

Adding to this, Bethesda has continued to tweet another image with pink highlights that also include the numbers 5 and 14. This time it’s a rocket shooting into space:

And earlier this morning another image was tweeted though this one doesn’t seem to have any obvious reference to 5-15, at least from what I can see:

While none of this really allude to a RAGE 2 announcement, it’s highly likely given the correlation between RAGE‘s Walmart tweet and the pink colours used in these later images.

It’s not unusual for Bethesda to give the game away before actually unveiling anything, though chances are we’ll see more information about what all these teases add up to at E3 2018.

To learn more about Bethesda at E3 head on over to n3rdabl3’s page which includes show times, and what to expect from the company at the event.

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