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Charmed Given a Series Order by CW

Blessed be.

Charmed fans of the world, rejoice – a reboot of the 90s/00s TV show has been ordered by CW.

The original series showed three sisters who discover they are witches and must save the world from supernatural evil on a weekly basis. With very few cast changes over the course of the eight series it ran for, the show has become somewhat of a cult classic with a very dedicated fan base.

The new series will be a complete reboot and will feature a new line-up of sisters. The series synopsis indicates that the sisters are much younger, with at least one of them at college (that’s university to our British readers) and the setting moving from San Francisco. There’s no word yet on whether they’ll have the same powers (telekinesis, premonitions and time manipulation) as the sisters in the previous series.

It also seems the reboot will have a much more overtly feminist approach than the original series. The original series showed the sisters as empowered women but within the confines of what it meant to be empowered during the time it released. Judging by the fact that the series summary explicitly mentions the sisters fighting against the patriarchy, it’s fair to assume we could be seeing a very different type of show here.

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