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The Summer is kind of here and now begins a busy time of year for the comic book industry, especially where Comixology is concerned.

Since most of the comic book industries readership is still in full-time education, the Summer is when the big story events are held, like Civil War, Flashpoint, and Civil War 2 take place mainly in the summer months.

Now, comic book reader platform, Comixology seems to be joining in with summer event trend with a big announcement. What’s the big announcement about? Well, it’s still under wraps but we know it has something to do with Comixology Originals.

A Comixology Orginal is an exclusive comic book that is available on the platform like Avengers Back to Basics.

If you want to know more about the event you’ll to have wait until June 1 when it’ll be announced live on Twitch.

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