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Opinion: Destiny 2’s Newest DLC is a Giant Disappointment and why I’m not Buying

Honestly, I have found it hard to convince myself that purchasing the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 would be worth while. After the steaming pile of shit that was Curse of Osiris, I have been apprehensive to give Bungie the benefit of the doubt, and to no surprise at all, I wasn’t wrong it seems.

Before any of you get the wrong idea, this isn’t so much a review article as it is a “news” article with some opinion splashed in.

For starters, in previous articles regarding Bungie’s newest expansion, I had stressed my concerns numerous times. From the fact that their “new enemies” would probably just be more re-skinned models, to the campaign being just as lack lustre as Curse of Osiris. After watching Bungie promise fans that “they were listening”, and that “things were only going to get better” just to find out that neither of these things actually would ever happen, I decided to wait and see what the fans had to say about the latest DLC.

Thank fuck I waited…

Thanks to a rather amusing, but also unfortunate, reddit thread, and after reading initial reviews, I feel confidant and relieved that I made the right choice. Now I can use that $20 towards something I know I’m going to enjoy; like a cold pint, or a movie, or maybe I’ll splurge and get myself a nice pair of satin boxers. Nothing says comfort like some satin fabric rubbing between your thighs… but I digress.

According to early reviews of Destiny 2‘s Warmind expansion, and this reddit thread, Bungie has given us more of a recycled experience, instead of something new and fresh. Sadly my fears were correct and the Hive you face on Mars are in fact the same Hive we have been fighting for four years now, BUT NOW they have icicles hanging off them! I know right? Innovative. To make things even more insulting, the only true “new” Strike is a PS4 exclusive! The other two are re-used levels from the campaign. Are ya fucking kidding me right now Bungie??

I would understand if this game was being made by a development team of ten people making a game in their parent’s basement. Christ, I’d even be more understanding if a smaller Indie company pulled this shit. But BUNGIE?! A company that boasts over 900 employees? The very same company that brought us games like Myth and Marathon and the creators of Halo? To find out that not only could they not take the time to create a couple new enemies for us to fight, after fighting the same 4 fucking species of aliens for almost half a decade, but to also learn that they couldn’t even take the time to create new Strikes for a DLC that is costing people money?! Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. HERE.

That is pure laziness, plain and simple. It’s not a long shot to say that as a company, Bungie has fallen far from grace. What we have here is a once great company, in bed with a money craving publisher, Activision, that is riding the waves of greatness that was established by a majority of devs that don’t even work there anymore. It’s just sad. They figure, “Hey, we work for ‘Bungie’. That name carries weight with it. Let’s all shit in a bag, color it gold, and slap a Bungie logo on it, that’ll sell like crazy!” And it has. Since it’s inception, Destiny has been made up of let down after let down.

They tell fans “we’re listening” and, instead, do their own thing for a couple expansions. Then, they release a worthy DLC i.e. the Taken King; fans start to come back. They release another DLC which is okay. Then enter Destiny 2. A longer version of the Taken King with some more improvements. In my review of that game, I genuinely was pleased with what we got. I didn’t play if for months on end, but I played my fill of it and was content with my experience. Everything after that has gone downhill.

Bungie has put themselves in a very hard spot. After a minor success with Destiny 2 and now TWO failed expansions, convincing players to return to this game for anything else is going to be extremely difficult. Not to mention the fact that the season pass, or separate DLC’s both add up. The season pass is only about $5 or so less than purchasing the two DLC’s separately. Spending $40 on top of an already $60 game is a lot to ask your fans. Obviously, if the content is worth it, no one cares. If gamers want to play it, they’ll buy it, plain and simple. However, promise a gamer one experience and give them something completely lacklustre and different is a totally different story.

Much like No Man’s Sky, I can only assume it will be a matter of time before Bungie and Activision come under similar fire and law suits for false advertising. Saying you’re going to give us new enemies is NOT the same as giving us the same enemy for the 5th time with new skins. Saying you’re going to give us a new story/campaign is not the same as one opening cutscene and then that new character becoming a run of the mill merchant. Saying that Strikes and Raid Lairs will be new and fun and something we haven’t seen just to give us re-used campaign levels or a lack of Raid in general is NOT OK. Giving players an expansion that they can blow through in 3-4 hours is NOT $20 worth of content, unless you’re going to have someone blow me in the process or cook me dinner every time I sit down to play.

Basically, what we have seen from Bungie in the past few years; what we have received from Bungie, is nothing short of insulting. It’s sad and insulting really, because Bungie used to BE something. Now, unfortunately, they’re nothing more than another money hungry studio that gives us visions of grandeur, but fail time and time again to deliver anything palpable. Granted, like most games, Destiny will always have it’s fans and it’s followers, but for those of us that can see beyond these delusions, I doubt we’ll be back to see the Traveler anytime soon.

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