EA will have the first press conference of E3 2018, as they have had in years past and just like last year, I think we know a good bit of what they’ll have for us at the show with some surprises. The bulk of this conference will be centered around Battlefield V and Anthem, plus the sports games sprinkled in. Maybe some loot boxes, too.

We’ll see the first reveal for Battlefield V a day after this article goes live. Which means, of course, that whatever I write in here will be 100% correct or totally wrong. That’s just my kind of luck and I’ve accepted it. The first teaser of the game went online as I’m writing this so I’ll address that below.


Bioware has a real shot at redemption here after the trainwreck that became of Mass Effect Andromeda. And, in my opinion, Anthem looks pretty cool judging it from what we saw at last year’s show. I haven’t given up on Bioware or EA, like most of the community, so I’m being optimistic that EA and Bioware have learned a thing or two after some recent events and will take this in a consumer-friendly direction. Although I’m sure there will still be things in the game that people will complain about and tweets that can be summed up as, “LOL EA. GG NERD.” You know the ones.

We know that Anthem is on schedule for this fiscal year, specifically a March 2019 launch barring any more delays but I’m sure EA will want this title to hit right before the end of their fiscal year. While I don’t think we’ll see a firm release date at the showcase I do think we’ll see plenty of the game to put EA in a positive light. And without directly mentioning their faults with Star Wars Battlefront 2, they’ll likely talk about how this game won’t end up the same way.

It would be nice to have a time frame of when the beta for Anthem will happen but I don’t feel too strongly about getting that kind of information.

Battlefield V

I mentioned before that a teaser for Battlefield V hit the internet today and while it doesn’t give us much information, it does confirm the time period for this game.

In the teaser, you can see the logos for the British Union Jack and the German Iron Cross (picture below) which confirms the World War 2 time period that was rumored months ago.

Unlike one of its competitors, Battlefield V will feature a single-player campaign, which we’re bound to learn about. Also, we’ll potentially see the rumored Battle Royal mode that DICE has been working on for this game.

I’m keeping this portion short since the full reveal for the game is happening the day after this article goes live and I’d like for a publisher not to ruin my articles immediately again. I’m looking at you, Ubisoft and Bethesda.

EA Sports Titles

Madden 19, FIFA 19 and others. If you don’t like sports, this is your bathroom break or your time for hypocritical tweets making fun of people who like sports too much and don’t understand why people can be such a fan of something so, “lame.”

Stand in front of a mirror, you’re both different kinds of nerds. Chill out.

And ‘hand-egg’ has never been funny to anyone.

E3 2018 Battle Royal Game Mode Oversaturation Extravaganza

The fan-favorite part of these articles ties into one of my predictions today. The EA game getting a Battle Royal mode NOT named Battlefield V is Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 3.

Last year I predicted this game would happen and it didn’t. Woe is me, but I have faith that EA isn’t letting this title die and with the Battle Royal craze I’m sure Popcap can have some fun with it.


Something Something Star Wars is revealed. This can go one of two ways. First, it could be some kind of DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Secondly, could be a tease of a new game or project. With the over saturation of Star Wars we’ve had lately, it’s hard to think we won’t see something Star Wars related during E3.

Unravel 2 won’t be the only EA Original title shown. Unravel 2 is in development and after being wrong about seeing it last year, I think it’s time. Along with the sequel to the charming platformer, I don’t think that will be the only Original we see. EA will attempt to have another show-stealing Original Indie title after the sleeper hit that was A Way Out.

EA will make fun of themselves about loot boxes. They’ll take a shot at themselves to get in on the joke, which will probably happen if/when they address a previous mistake in a coy way. This moment will also be labeled by the internet as “cringey.”

There will be no mention of Bioware’s Dragon Age game. Dragon Age fans, you’ll need to wait a bit longer to see this game. I don’t think you’ll see this until after Anthem hits. Sorry to crush your dreams.


Last year I talked a lot about this potential project. Everyone wants a Skate 4 and Tony Hawk is working on a new game somewhere. It’s just so simple. Just like last year, I still believe that when this game happens (I mean, c’mon, it’s bound to happen. Right guys?) it won’t be called Skate 4 officially. Tony Hawk will be in the title somehow.

Now some people over on ResetEra have mentioned this and the guys of Kinda Funny talked about this prediction on their show. I can’t wait for them to get all the credit for it…

I know the big joke is LOL EA but I always look forward to what EA has and I like a lot of their games so this conference has me excited. After seeing last year’s Call of Duty title, I’m interested in DICE’s take with Battlefield and I want to see more of Anthem.

Plus I can’t wait for the confirmation of the new Tony Hawk Skate game when they pull the Hawk man himself on stage to read my articles and give a cheeky thumbs up to the camera. I may retire if that happens. I’ll buy a skateboard at least.


There are more E3 previews hitting every Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure to bookmark our E3 2018 hub so you don’t miss out on any of our coverage. #PrayforTonyHawkSkate

E3 Preview Schedule:

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