The Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming Darth Vader-focused fan film, Vader: A Star Wars Theory has gone live with the creator looking for a little over £600,000 to make it happen.

If you’re not getting enough Star Wars at the cinema you can always head onto to YouTube to get more of a fix. You’ve got hidden gems from talented creators, like the guys who did a short film about Darth Maul or head over to Bat in the Sun and watch Darth Vader battle Batman.

Now, one of the most ambitious Star Wars films is asking for your help.

YouTube channel, Star Wars Theory, a hub for fan theories and all things related to the galaxy far far away is crowdfunding a Darth Vader fan film titled Vader: A Star Wars Theory.

A brief rundown of the film, explains a tale of Darth Vader looking to redeem himself after the unspeakable acts he’s committed;

“The story of the fan film takes places eight months after “Revenge of the Sith” (nearly 18 years before his “Rogue One” massacre) when Darth Vader still wrestled with the remorse he felt for the death of his wife, Padmé. Lord Vader resents the Emperor for not only failing to teach him how to save her, but for lying about even having that power. Vader wants to kill Palpatine but knows he’d never survive against his master. So when Vader learns that Mace Windu has survived the attempt on Palpatine’s life, Vader goes to Mace with one goal — betray his master and convince Mace to join him to kill the Emperor.”

Expect something that doesn’t strive too far away from the franchise will all know and love as the plan is to keep it as close and as accurate as possible, despite not being part of the official canon.

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It’s a big goal, with 26 days to go with the project asking £635,848 so if you fancy putting some pennies to the project, check it out here.

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