Filming for the next series of the incredibly popular Stranger Things has begun, and some on-set photos of Police Chief Jim Hopper have been released.

If you are one of the seven people to have not yet watched Stranger Things, the series deals with various misfits in a small Midwest town fighting extra-dimensional horrors released from a nearby secret government facility. Despite the very goofy premise, the series grounds itself with well developed characters and decent acting, along with a healthy dose of 80s nostalgia and fun.

So what do we know about Stranger Things 3? Absolutely bloody nothing! Much speculation has been had online but so far nothing concrete has been released. Last season left us on a bit of a cliff-hanger, with the (BEWARE YE MORTALS, SPOILERS AHEAD) weird shadowy monster plaguing the town being defeated but not destroyed (SPOILERS BE OVER). Presumably, we will see more of that and hopefully lots more of Steve. Seriously, the next season could open with the rest of the cast getting crushed by a Quattro and I would be absolutely fine with the next ten episodes consisting of Steve monologuing about his favourite NES games.

I actually misled you earlier when I said we know nothing concrete about the next series. We know a single detail: Hopper has traded his beard in for a rocking moustache. Speculation has been circulating: Does is show Hopper finally pulling himself together and becoming a mentally healthy person? Does it symbolise his castration after being telekinectically bitch-slapped by a little girl last season? Has he just binge-watched Miami Vice: Season 1 on VHS?

We will just have to wait for Stranger Things 3‘s 2019 release to find out.

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