Epic Games has announced that Jetpacks are finally coming to Fortnite as part of Update 4.2.

Fortnite was set to get Jetpacks earlier this year, but their arrival was pushed back a couple of months. Since then, we’ve seen the arrival of an asteroid which has completely changed the map, and hop rocks which give the player much higher jumping abilities.

Now however it seems that players will be able to grab a jetpack and blast themselves across the map. The update, which is available to download right now, brings along a brand new item type, Backpacks, though these are not cosmetic “Back Bling” items, they’re strictly in-game items and cannot be purchased.

The first Backpack item is of course the Jetpack. It’ll take up one inventory slot just like any weapon or consumable, and will have limited use before it needs to be recharged. It’s engaged by jumping while in mid-air and offer additional mobility. It’s worth noting that while flying, players cannot enter Targeting Mode.

It’s an interesting addition to the game and I’ll be curious to see whether Fortnite introduces some sort of additional inventory space with the Backpack item type.

The full patch notes for Update 4.2 can be found over on the Fortnite website.

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