Fortnite Season 4 begins today and something big is happening; the meteor has finally hit the map adding a whole new area. Oh, and there’s a bunch of skins too.

Fortnite has gone down for maintenance today as Epic Games prepares the game for Season 4 which includes a whole bunch of new skins and some big changes to the map. For the past week or so players have been speculating the outcome of the comet that’s been getting ever closer to the game’s map. This was followed by all of the TV’s in the game displaying an emergency broadcast and just last week meteors began raining down on the map.

Epic have since been teasing the arrival of Season 4 with some new superhero-style skins plus, today the mobile version of the game had an updated app store listing which read “The comet has left a mark on the island… visit the crater and you’ll find glowing rocks all around. Consume them and lift off with low gravity”. 

This new alien consumable is called Hop Rocks and they allow players a stint of low-gravity letting them hover across the map for a brief amount of time. Speaking of the map, now the patch is live, the new map looks as follows:

As you can see Tilted Towers made it out alive, instead it looks like the impact site has created a whole new area titled Dusty Divot. There are also several smaller locations for other crash sites where players will likely find Hop Rocks.

The cinematic intro for Fortnite Season 4 has also been revealed which you can see below:

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As for Fortnite‘s Season 4 Battle Pass, players will find 100 tiers of rewards, including new cosmetic items, emotes and for the first time, Sprays. Fortnite’s Save the World campaign has also receiverd a new quest line titled Blockbuster which is split into two parts. Part 1, Origin Story, will see Spitfire and Lok attempting to recruit superheroes to observe the crash site.

For the full Fortnite Season 4 Patch Notes, head here.

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