This weekend Zack Snyder has revealed an image of Henry Cavil wearing the classic Superman costume on social media platform Vero.

The superhero movie costume is a tricky one, sometimes the translation from paper to real life is a tough journey. Add into that different creative points of view and it can be very hit or miss.

Hits can include The Amazing Spider-man 2 costume and the Dark Knight Batman. The misses include The Green Lantern costume and of course the “Bat Nipple” suits. But as behind the scenes bonuses reveal, the journey to what a hero ends up looking like on screen is a long one with a wardrobe of rejected costumes.

One example is the image director Zack Synder has revealed of the current Superman actor, Henry Cavil in a more familiar Superman costume Inspired by the Christopher Reeve movies:

Though the one real important question on my mind is, does Cavil have his pants on the front or are they on the inside?

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