Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Entertainment have announced that Vampyr has gone gold, to celebrate they’ve released a 55 minute gameplay video showcasing the a good chunk of the game

Last week DONTNOD Entertainment held a developer live stream for Vampyr in which they talked through the game as they played through parts of the game. Now, players can watch the stream back and engorge on almost an hours worth of footage from their upcoming RPG.

The footage, which takes place around six hours into the story, shows off some of the systems that make up the game’s incredibly deep ecosystem. From choosing whom to kill, or who to heal, players have tough choices to make, as someone they’ve been helping may soon become the perfect meal.

In addition to keeping and evolving the main character, Jonathan Reid, players must find a balance between survival and ensuring that the city of London doesn’t collapse by your hand. Each of the four main districts have their own health gauges and as this drops, the whole ecosystem changes, prices will increase, citizens get sicker, and eventually the entire district collapses.

Honestly, Vampyr sounds absolutely incredible. Check out the 55 minute gameplay video below:

Watch Vampyr – Dev Session – Thursday May 17th 5PM CEST from FocusHomeInteractive on

Vampyr hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on June 5.

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