Beyond Good and Evil 2 developer Ubisoft held a live stream earlier this week to talk about the latest developments of their upcoming sequel and showed off some work-in-progress gameplay.

During the live stream the developer unveiled the first gameplay footage for Beyond Good and Evil 2 which shows players how they’ll be able to travel across the galaxy and how combat in space will play out. Unfortunately with only 45 seconds of footage, it’s a very, very brief look.

What we can see is a number of spacecraft in the footage flying above a rocky planet as well as how the player can seamlessly go from interior and exterior environments. All in all, it looks very smooth. The footage also features character Shani and a very brief appearance from the monkey Knox.

Elsewhere in the livestream the developer mentioned that the game will feature massive space battles between airships as well as much smaller, fast paced dogfights between smaller ships. There’ll also be melee combat akin to Beyond Good and Evil. Players will also be able to create their own character.

Ubisoft closed the live stream acknowledging that the gameplay on show was short, but they’ll have plenty more in store for E3 2018, including a deeper discussion of the game’s mechanics.

Check out the dev diary below:

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