DC Comics and Warner Bros. have released the debut trailer for their upcoming animation, The Death of Superman, which is another retelling of the same story they’ve done several times before.

Superman must square up against one of his toughest foes, though will he live to save the day? Well, I could tell you, and it’d be a spoiler… to a decades-old comic book that kind of gives it away in the title, plus Batman vs. Superman is loosely based on the comic anyway.

But for anyone who wants to go in completely surprised. Spoilers… Yeah, that’s right, spoilers are incoming. Ready for the spoiler?

OK, now for the spoiler.

Superman ‘dies’, why is dies in inverted commas? Because everyone thinks he dies, but he’s actually in a coma.

The Death of Superman is an iconic and controversial storyline from the comics what defines the 90s comic book industry but was also criticised for resorting to cheap sales tactics to boost weak numbers from the Superman ongoing at the time.

In the film though, it appears to be set in the animated continuity where The Justice League are severely beaten by a new powerful foe and only the Man of Steel can save the day.

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Coming the summer, get ready for the death and eventual return of Superman.

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