Playniac has announced that its unique card battler, Insane Robots, is set to launch initially on July 10 for PS4 followed by PC and Xbox One releases thereafter.

Insane Robots was one of our more stand-out games from EGX Rezzed 2018 as it featured an incredibly charming aesthetic and card battling mechanics which had been completely turned on their heads.

In the game, players take the role of a robot and go head to head against other robots using cards to raise their attack and defences before their opponents, as well as throwing curve-balls by also manipulating their opponents attack and defence stats. The game brings all of the great things about card battlers and removes all of the fluff such as expensive card expansions, time consuming deck customisation, and the learning curve which can escape new players as more and more cards are released.

In Insane Robots there are just 22 tokens, making it easy to learn and manage, though each game can be dramatically different. Players must have their wits about them to not only manage their own robot, but also keep an eye on what their opponent is doing in order to unleash a deadly attack, or counter, at the right time.

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Insane Robots is set to launch on July 10 for PS4, July 12 for PC, and July 13 for Xbox One. It’ll feature a 15+ hour campaign, and endless multiplayer skirmishes when the game launches. Playniac also plan to release a handful of DLC for the game which can be pre-purchased using the Season Pass.

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