Last Saturday night from 8 PM-11 PM, Retro Games Plus (Orange, Connecticut location) hosted their latest ConnGo Trade Night event.

It was an extremely well-attended event by both buyers and vendors. There were around 75-100 attendees, and there ended up being about fifteen outside vendors selling a wide variety of items, ranging from videogames, to consoles, to collectibles and handmade items like plushes. Many of the vendors also had particular themes, specializing in certain systems/their games, or certain items, like rare videogame soundtracks, game guides, vintage figures, posters, or even just kid-friendly games.

In terms of the items available, there was a healthy mix of more common items and extremely hard to find items. An original Earthbound cartridge (only $175, which is cheap for the game), a Japanese PlayStation 2, factory sealed Nintendo 64 games, and unopened Pokémon toys from Burger King’s promotion for Pokémon: The First Movie were just a few rare items that caught my eye as I browsed the vendor areas. All of the vendors were extremely affable, and almost all were willing to haggle, at least a little bit.

The store itself offers the same array of items, of course. You can get videogames that came out last year or the year before, but if you’re looking for games, consoles, collectibles and toys like LEGOs, from ten, twenty, or thirty years ago, you’re in luck too. As was mentioned in our article leading up to this event, everything in the store was 15% off during the event, on top of prices that already look pretty good. There were a few other sales and deals here and there in addition to this particular promoted sale.

Event descriptions also mentioned the possibility of raffles and competitions. At the event over the weekend, there was a competition for two free passes to Retro World Expo. Visitors and vendors alike were invited to play Balloon Fight for the SNES; the player with the highest score got the passes. There’s no word yet on whether this will be repeated at the next ConnGo in July, but if you’re interested in attending the Retro World Expo, you may want to start practicing your Balloon Fight game now.

A standout of this event, aside from items offered and goodies like sales and the possibility of free passes to a conventions, was the friendliness of all attendees. Almost every single vendor was polite, knowledgeable, and willing to just hang out and chat. I was particularly impressed by a vendor who noticed me looking at another woman’s stock while she was away from her table. When she reappeared, he went through the store to let me know I’d be able to buy the items I had my eye on. The vibes of the overall event were of a friendly and welcoming community. If you attend a lot convention or flea market-style events, you know that, unfortunately, this isn’t always the mood in the room. Such a strong feeling of camaraderie was icing on the cake for an already impressive event!

What’s left of our conngo table. #conngo #retrogamesplus #tradenight

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The next ConnGo event will be held on July 21 at Retro Games Plus’s Newington, CT location. The event is free to attend and free to set up shop. If you’re interested in selling, please check out the guidelines for vendors here. If you can’t wait that long, check out ConnGo’s group page on Facebook, where members regularly post items they’re looking to sell or trade.

If you can’t get enough of retro gaming in the Nutmeg state, check out the details for the store chain’s annual fall convention, RetroWorld Expo, here.

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