TT Games is currently teasing the next LEGO video game and it looks like we might be getting a DC Villains-focused title.

Over on Twitter, TT Games shared an image which had the worlds “chaos is coming” painted onto a wall. The image also featured a shadow which had the telltale LEGO minifigure hand. The tweet also pointed to a website which, at time of writing, features a countdown that’s set to end in a little under six days.

The image also has hints to what could be The Joker and The Riddler, with the image itself being purple and green, and the appearance of a question mark.

Check it out:

It’s already been rumoured that the next LEGO video game will focus on DC Villains thanks to a source revealing this information, but it’s nice to see that this might finally be the case.

TT Games is currently working on the next big LEGO video game, LEGO The Incredibles, which is set to be released this June.

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