Yesterday, some more game details in Little Dragons Café, the upcoming game collaboration between Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada and Aksys Games, were revealed. This time, the released information has explained how players will be obtaining recipes and ingredients for their shops, and has given us a look at some of the NPCs.

The method for obtaining ingredients has been hinted at before, and should not be too much of a surprise for fans of the closely related Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons series. As in those game series, foraging in the wilderness is important! There will be areas to fish at, and eggs from wild birds (as well as those wild birds) can be gathered.

This is an interesting departure from Yasuhiro Wada’s other games, as more Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons games allow players to live a pescetarian lifestyle, with no options to turn your chickens (or other livestock) into dinner. Some ingredients also require your dragon’s help–he will defeat monsters on the field that you can collect ingredients from!

Each recipe is broken into four pieces, and can only be learned after obtaining all four pieces of them. Once you have your four pieces, the elder will teach you how to make the new type of food.

We also got some new screenshots (see gallery above) and some information on two of the NPCs your player will presumably be spending a lot of time with. We have Rosetta, the green-capped girl in our screenshot gallery, who has run away from home. Since her mother has died, she tends to have a pretty negative outlook on life. We also have Poncho, a tiny kid in a huge viking helmet. The little guy travels the world and claims to be a hero, but when he’s nervous, he gets stomachaches and hides in the bathroom.

Little Dragons Café starts out with siblings that help their mother manage a small café. However, their mother falls into a deep sleep that she can’t be awoken from. The siblings are told that the only way to wake her up is to raise a dragon. You, as the player, will have to figure out how to balance running a successful café and raising your dragon! You may view the gameplay trailer below.

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Previously released screenshots can be viewed here, and more information on the US limited edition of the game can be found here. Both the regular and limited edition versions of the game will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 24 in the US and Europe. Curiously, the Japanese version of the game will not be available until August 30.

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