Following its predecessors in the Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons series, the limited edition version of Little Dragons Café will come with a dragon plush, and some other fun goodies.

The dragon plush is, as one may expect, a replica of the dragon the player is tasked with raising. It is a decent-sized plush, at nine inches long and seven inches high. The other goodies include a set of 18 three by five character cards, a soundtrack CD, and the game itself, all gathered up in a special collectible box.

Little Dragons Café follows two siblings who run a café with their mother. When she falls into a deep sleep, the siblings are informed that to wake her, they must successfully raise a baby dragon. Along with raising the baby dragon, players must continue to run a successful café, forage for new and better ingredients, and interact with the locals. For more information on the game, please check out our previous articles on it here and here.

The regular version (Switch and PS4) of the game will be available for $59.99 before tax in the US; the limited edition (Switch and PS4) will be $79.99 before tax in the US.

Both the regular and limited edition versions of the game will be available on August 24 in the US and in Europe.

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