It’s May, so it must mean one thing, it’s MCM London Comic Con and it’s time to revel in all things geeky and nerdy, whilst sweating through your underwear. This year, you had two extremes from the weather. Hot enough to cook an egg on the floor and wet enough to make you think Namor and Aquaman had joined forces to invade the surface world.

So, let’s begin with Friday. Despite public transport doing it’s darn hardest to slow me down me and my pals arrived at ExCel a little later than usual. This year, compared to last year, I had put a little more effort into my costume and had come dressed as an Anbu from Naruto.

One of my friends had come as Sasuke and was proudly wielding a lump of wood made to look like the blade he carried around. The security as the ExCel didn’t appreciate the attention to detail and confiscated it. No worries, since Sasuke bought a replica at a weapons replica stall.

Meanwhile, my other friend didn’t get up the Naruto theme and came as Captain America, with a beard and minus a shield. But when you add that all together, we did briefly get a Scarlet Witch cosplayer added to our group.

I quickly learned something. Yes, you may look cool in a cape and a mask, but people can’t hear you very well unless you’re dubbed over by James Earl Jones. Also, that combination of clothing does give you a bit of space to walk in.

With Friday at MCM London Comic Con being quieter in comparison to Saturday. We set about making a whole bunch of regretful purchases. As usual, any comic book stall I walked past which caught my eye, I’d end up browsing through. My keen eye for the obscure and probably not-very-good-in-the-eyes-of-other-readers-and-critics got me a Street Fighter Alpha comic and a Battle of the Planets trade.

This time, however, the manga caught my eye as I walked away with Star Wars and Saint Seiya manga. So now people can’t accuse of me being uncultured.

Outside, Captain America became the king of selfies as people flocked to see if his beard was real or not, whilst Anbu me tried to look cool. After failing to understand a promotion being run by a DC Comics burger van we headed back inside whilst Sasuke let me hold his new blade and I got to look probably a little too scary.

Next on the agenda was some exploring and avoiding the urge to buy some cool looking Power Ranger figures that would probably be the last Bandai will ever produce since the rights have now gone to Hasbro.

This then leads to a quick pint at The Fox whilst we waited to Sasuke to get his confiscated blade back as I played with the one he bought in the centre as two locals looked bewildered and confused as to what was going on at their local that evening.

Saturday rolled around the heat was turned up, as we got suited and booted and headed back to MCM London Comic Con. Did you ever wonder what a Power Ranger and Naruto team would look like? Well check it out below:

That’s right, I went straight to the top and teamed up with the Gold Zeo Ranger. After the Morphinominal encounter, I signed up for Lightsaber class. No, there isn’t a Jedi Academy in London, just a group called Silver Sabres who use lightsabers to teach ancient sword fighting techniques, though that wasn’t until later in the day.

In the meantime, I decided to go crazy and pick up some more comics which lead to my bundle looking like this

It was safe to say, the vendors, as usual, did not disappoint. Sasuke and I heard on the grapevine that outside there was going to be a Naruto cosplay meet up and Sasuke was determined to see an epic Madara cosplayer again. At the meet, Sasuke mingled and I looked menacing.

After a quick brawl with a Sage of the Six Paths cosplayer, I went on a brief mission to get some cash-out, which took longer than speech in Attack on Titan. Onwards and upwards, we bumped into a menacing Darth Maul, who posed for a photo, but could’ve easily killed us if he had his lightsaber.

Speaking of lightsabers. The time came for my class. Since I was in all black, I fancied something something darkside.

Turns out I’m not a natural Padwan and I’m probably holding it wrong, but it sure was a fun exercise and I couldn’t wait to find out more about the company doing it.

Of course, it’s not a weekend without a visit to MCM without Saturday night in The Fox and like Hulk Hogan in WCW, the weather turned Heel. We’d been spoilt with a great sunny two days which decided to stick it to us with thunderstorms. At first, the lighting in distance seemed a long way away and most thought it wouldn’t hassle us.

Turns out we were wrong. The heavens opened and inside it turned in the rave from Matrix Reloaded. OK, a bit dramatic, since I don’t remember seeing a Power Ranger in the Matrix.

Overall, it was another great weekend, the vendors didn’t disappoint and great costumes all around. Another generic sign off to a great weekend.

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