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Microsoft has released a statement denying reports around Xbox One current sales figures saying that they’re “inaccurate”.

Earlier this week Electronic Arts announced their FY 2018 projections and in amongst all of the financials was an interesting snippet which Variety dug a little deeper into and thanks to some quick maths, have worked out that the Xbox One has sold a little under half that of the PS4 which Sony has recently revealed is sitting at almost 74 million.

How was all this worked out? Well it all begins with this statement from EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen:

“Turning to our expectations for fiscal 2019, we expect sales of current-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony to continue to be strong, with the installed base growing to 130 million consoles by the end of calendar 2018 from 103 million at the end of calendar 2017,” he said.

Now, considering Sony has announced that as of December 2017, the PS4 is sitting at a tidy 73.6 million sales, that would leave Microsoft at 29.4 million as of December 2017 if Jorgensen’s numbers are accurate. But what does Microsoft have to say about all of this?

“The projections are inaccurate,” a spokesperson told Variety. “Regardless, we are focused on delivering amazing gaming experiences to players on all devices and engagement is our measure of progress. We just announced a record start to the year with Xbox Live monthly active users up 13% to 59 million.”

Microsoft recently reaffirmed that they wouldn’t be releasing sales figures of the Xbox One and prefer to focus on metrics such as active users and Xbox Live subscribers.

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