Microsoft is reportedly working on a new type of Xbox controller for accessibility, that is according to a leaked render of said controller which appeared online earlier this week.

The new controller, designed for accessibility, features two oversized touch pads, a d-pad, and the usual Xbox Button and menu controls. Details are pretty thin right now, but it is likely to be unveiled at E3 2018. The controller is currently codenamed Project Z.

Without too many details we can only really speculate on what this controller might offer. Presumably, the two A/B pads are programmable allowing the user to not only control games like the usual analogue sticks, but may also be taped to issue commands. There are also several inputs at the top of the controller which could also be used to connect other devices.

There’s also a USB port and the usual 3.5mm input located on the side of the device. The USB port will likely be used for users to program and map the controller for certain inputs.

All eyes are on Microsoft‘s E3 2018 media briefing which is set to take place on June 10 and will be the “biggest E3 yet” for the company.

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