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Monster Hunter is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Monster Hunter Movie Madness.

With the continued success of Monster Hunter: World, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that others are looking to get their pockets filled by the fantastic IP. This time it comes in the form of a movie adaptation, because those always turn out so well.

Set to begin production in September, they’re not wasting any time, the film will be helmed by director Paul W.S. Anderson. Those of you familiar with video game to movie / movies will recognize him from the Resident Evil franchise. Coming along with him is the lead star Milla Jovovich, who, obviously, worked with him on said franchise.

The film will apparently boast a 60 million dollar budget and be filmed in South Africa. Hopefully Anderson won’t run this franchise into the ground like he did with the Resident Evil films. Lets face it. The first one was amazing, the rest? Eh.

Monster Hunter: World released to commercial and critical success back in January and has been riding the waves of that success ever since. It is the highest selling Monster Hunter instalment to date, with an impressive 8 million copies sold worldwide.

Last week we learned that Capcom wasn’t stopping there. Soon fans of the franchise will be able to take their monster hunting on the go, if you own a Switch. In August Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will release for the Nintendo Switch and be the first English-language Monster Hunter game.

While there is no word on when we can expect this Monster Hunter movie to release, word on the street is they’re planning a series for it. Woo.

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