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Codemasters has released a couple of new videos for their upcoming arcade racer, ONRUSH showing off the game’s explosive fast-paced gameplay.

This weekend saw the launch of the open beta for ONRUSH which gave players the chance to jump into the game and give some of its tracks, game modes, and car classes a spin. It was so successful that Codemasters decided to extend it for a few more days. The beta now ends later today.

In addition, Codemasters has released two new videos for the game. The first is a short trailer which shows more of the game’s fast-paced and explosive gameplay. The second is a much longer 20-minute playthrough of the game.

The shorter trailer shows the blue team getting some heavy reinforcements and there are plenty of takedowns, car crashes, and mayhem:

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The second comes courtesy of PlayStation Ungerground and has Assistant Game Director Jamie Brayshaw talking players through the game, offering tricks and tips along the way to help players get ahead in the game.

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ONRUSH is set to launch on June 5 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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