It’s been long speculated what the Nintendo owned developer is working on, and when we all found it that it wasn’t the new Metroid game, it left us scratching our heads a bit. It seems as though we finally have an answer according to a new rumour that’s just gone public today.

According to the rumor, Retro is making Star Fox: Grand Prix. A racing game that is “Something like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero essentially.” That is according to the Reddit user DasVergebeen but these claims have been backed up by sources at Eurogamer and Kotaku.

This rumor has been making the rounds internally and made it’s way out to the public today ahead of E3. As the news hit a user on 4chan posted this picture of what could be a logo for the new racing game:

More details from Kotaku’s source, “Grand Prix is said to be a lot like Diddy Kong Racing in that, unlike Nintendo’s other major racing series, Mario Kart, this game will have a story mode and boss battles.”

Other sources at Kotaku mentioned that the Austin, Texas-based Retro studio had a separate project that could be canceled at this point. Which would explain the long drought from seeing anything new from Retro.

Nintendo nor Retro have given a reason as to why they weren’t working on Metroid Prime 4 after developing the first three entries. But it would seem as though we’ll be seeing Retro again in less than a month at E3 but this time with a different Nintendo IP.

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