Universal Pictures may have found their own Die Hard as the new Skyscraper trailer has some serious vibes of the not-so-family-friendly anti-Christmas movie.

Dwayne Johnson plus Skyscraper plus family being held hostage by a greedy thief. All we need is a friendly cop on the ground talking Johnson through it and we’d have the next Die Hard movie. Unfortunately it’s not another Die Hard, it’s Skyscraper, and the latest trailer gives us another extended look at the upcoming action flick.

Honestly it looks quite good, even if I’m terrified of heights and the whole movie will likely make me feel ill.

As well as Johnson, Skyscraper also stars Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black), Neve Campbell (Scream), Noah Taylor (Preacher), and Byron Mann (Altered Carbon).

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Skyscraper will open in theatres on July 13.

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