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Hello Games has announced that along with the launch of No Man’s Sky on Xbox One, the game will finally get an actual multiplayer mode, almost two years after its initial release.

No Man’s Sky NEXT is the upcoming update as well as the name of the Xbox One release of the game. Today, Hello Games announced via Inside Xbox that the game will be launching on Tuesday, July 24 in North America and Friday, July 27 in Europe for Xbox One. The company also announced that NEXT will also bring multiplayer.

This multiplayer will allow players “across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam on PC” to explore, fight, and survive with their friends, or they can choose to be pirates and prey on unsuspecting players as they explore the vast universe. The universe is literally their oyster as they can do whatever they want.

“Multiplayer completely changes the No Man’s Sky experience, it’s emergent, fun and intense in ways we always wanted it to be. I’m so happy this is finally happening” said Sean Murray, founder, Hello Games. “It is genuinely exciting to be able to fully realise the potential so many people could see in No Man’s Sky. This will be our biggest update yet and we’re pumped to be bringing Xbox players along on the journey with us now too.”

The Xbox One launch of No Man’s Sky also includes the three previous updates to the game, Foundation, Pathfinder, and Atlas Rises, as well as all of the smaller patches which have been released over the course of the past two years.

As for everyone else, the PS4 and Steam versions of the game will receive the NEXT update as a free update.

Will this tempt you back into the vast world of No Man’s Sky?

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