The Predator is back, and it’s still one ugly mother… well, you know. Arnie’s words, not mine (I think it’s mandibles haven’t aged a day).

Where some sci-fi/action/horror trailers might forgo revealing their monster, it looks like “The Predator” is going all-in with showing that pretty face – with and without it’s iconic mask.

Director Shane Black is no stranger to the franchise or it’s ’80s roots. He first appeared on-screen in the original Predator film, as Rick Hawkins – AKA the dude that gets disemboweled… so not a bad bounce-back, even if it’s off screen. Black also is credited for writing Lethal Weapon 1 through 4, as well as it’s TV counterpart. That, along with some dabbling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Iron Man 3, makes for a pretty pure action pedigree. Judging by the amount of explosions, screaming, and “choppers“, this trailer shows he’s got the basics down pat.

Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, and Sterling K. Brown are among the faces joining their crabby co-star this time around. The jungle hellhole setting is traded for a more familiar suburbia, with all of the usual characters – like gun-toting supermodel science teachers. You know, par for the course.

Reviews for past Predator instalments are all over the board. 2010’s franchise reboot Predators received mixed reviews, after years of pinning it’s namesake monster against others in a slew of spinoffs. Xenomorphs, Call of Duty frontliners, and even Archie Andrews (which, yes, is as awesomely camp as it sounds) have all taken on the Predator in recent years. Of course, the original remains the series high point… it’s 1990 sequel, not so much. But with so few core installments, there’s always hope for the intergalactic headhunter’s return to glory on the big screen.

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The Predator comes to your local theater on September 14.

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