Paradox Interactive, the developer behind titles such as Crusader KingsEuropa Universalis, and Cities: Skylines, to name a few, has revealed that it’ll finally be jumping into the board game market.

At the annual PDXCon this past weekend, the publisher announced, and subsequently launched the Kickstarter campaign for their first videogame-based board game, Crusader Kings: The Board Game. They also announced that plenty more board games will be coming based off of the Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis and Cities: Skylines franchises.

Crusader Kings: The Board Game was initially looking to raise around SEK 500,000 (around £43,000) but since its launch has raised an impressive SEK 1,814,000 (about £156,000) at time of writing. So it’s safe to say, people are pretty excited about what Paradox has to offer for board game enthusiasts.

Crusader Kings: The Board Game is being handled by Free League Publishing and will contain a detailed game board, 70 plastic figurines, 110 character cards, 155 action cards, and much more. Details can be found over on the Kickstarter page.

Details on the other board games have also been revealed. The first, Cities: Skylines is being handled by Rustan Hakansson, maker of Nations. As for Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron titles, they’ll be coming a little later down the line. Eagle-Gryphon Games is working on Hearts of Iron and hopes to have a Kickstarter set up for 2019.

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