Rainbow Six Siege developer, Ubisoft, has unveiled the next two Operators that’ll be coming to the game with the Operation Para Bellum content drop that’s set to land next month.

The two new Operators, who are part of Italy’s Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S), are both defensive characters. The first, which was unveiled earlier this month is Alibi, real name Aria de Luca. She was born in Libya and moved to Italy with her parents at a young age. While details are thin, the video, which you can see below shows what could be holographic decoys. It also looks like she’s equipped with aBeretta Mx4 Storm carbine.

Check out her video below:

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As for Maestro, real name Adriano Martello, he joined the Carabinieri at 18 and raised up the ranks before being employed by the G.I.S. He had a brief stint of working for himself too, before joining back in the G.I.S.

Once again, details are thin, but from the video we can see that he comes equipped with some sort of deployable mine or turret which can be remotely triggered. Check out his video below:

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Full details and a release date for Operation Para Bellum is expected during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League finals, running May 19-20.

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