Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix has announced that their deliciously weird zombie comedy series, Santa Clarita Diet has been renewed for a third season.

Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a suburban real-estate agent couple whose world gets turned upside down when Barrymore’s character projectile vomits across one of their show homes and wakes up the next day to find out that she’s dead and has a craving for flesh.

It sounds unappealing, because I’m pretty crap at descriptions, but honestly the series is really really good and I’m incredibly happy to hear that there’s a third season in the works.

Barrymore, Olyphant, and the rest of the cast is set to return for a 10 half-hour episode order which is due in 2019.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Victor Fresco said that the writers began working on a third series following season two’s premiere this March. “There’s always more story. The whole season one took place over two weeks and season two takes place over two weeks, so they’re still only about a month into this incredible change that they’re going through,” he said.

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