Sea of Thieves #1 from Titan Comics had a pretty difficult job to do: Introduce a story into a world where the players themselves tell the tales. That being said, the comic introduced us to a cast of characters perfectly fitting the cut-throat world of Sea of Thieves and had me fully invested, but does this continue in Sea of Thieves #2? You god damn better believe it.

Spoilers ahead.

When we last left the Singh siblings they were sailing through the toxic fog which protects the Sea of Thieves. This fog destroys anything it touches, which seems bad enough, but as soon as the fog cleared, Lesedi and her crew were heading Bow first into a pirate battle. Hot on their tale, De Marco and his crew were also speeding into the fray and the first on-page battle began.

During these pages, anyone who has played Sea of Thieves can definitely sympathise with the characters as they instantly take their roles and begin battling. You’ve got the one who mans the cannons, the others who repair damage and man the sails, and finally the captain steering the ship. Once again Jeremy Whitley has managed to pen the struggles and fast-paced action that’s involved in a battle in Sea of Thieves.

Fortunately to Lesedi and her crew, who found themselves surrounded, De Marco’s ship comes out of the fog and smashes directly into one of the opposing ships. Good news for Lesedi, bad news for De Marco as the pirates aboard the other ship have decided to hop aboard. Thankfully Mele and Rin, despite their differences, make a pretty good pair when it comes to combat, even if they’re taking verbal jabs at each other throughout the entire confrontation.

Meanwhile Lesedi and her crew have managed to get away from the chaos and find themselves at Sanctuary Outpost which to Sea of Thieves players is a familiar location, but also not as safe as it may sound.

Sea of Thieves #2 Cover Page

From here we learn a little more about the history of the Singh treasure, turns out our local Gold Merchant knows all about the treasure and believes that it belongs to them being the most unhelpful swine in the process.

These few pages bring in a lot from the video game that its based. First, the Gold Hoarders are the main sources of receiving voyages to find buried treasure. The Mystic, who has players seek undead captains to hunt for their skulls, is also present, and finally the Merchant Alliance who deals mostly with good such as Gunpowder, Tea, and Linen also plays an important role.

Whitley has managed to bring all of these elements from the game onto the pages of this comic in the most impressive way. It doesn’t at all feel forced and has its place for each of the characters who interact with each of them. He also manages to use this opportunity to squeeze more character development onto the page as De Marco manages to steal back the map from Lesedi.

As nightfall approaches our two crews look for a safe haven however not everything is what it seems. Both of our crews find themselves in a spot of bother, though only one of them actively seeked it out.

Overall, Sea of Thieves #2 expands on an already thrilling adventure in the world of the video game which is fantastic as players are currently waiting on new content to be added to the game. Maybe this shows some potential of what the future may hold for Sea of Thieves?

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