Rare has detailed exactly what’s in store for intrepid sailors in Sea of Thieves‘ upcoming Hungering Deep update.

If you’re still clinging onto the deck of Sea of Thieves then you’ll be pleased to know that The Hungering Deep has plenty in store including new NPCs, time limited adventures, and a brand new instrument or two (finally).

First up, when The Hungering Deep lands on May 29, players can take part in the new limited time adventure which will have players speak with one of the new NPCs, “Merry” Merrick who has a lovely set of matching peg legs.

When completing this limited time event, players will be rewarded special campaign items such as a special figurehead, a unique drum variant, and a speaking trumpet which can be used to yell at other pirates. There are also new Hungering Tattoo sets for players to get emblazoned on their pirates bodies.

In addition, a new set of NPCs can be found in the tavern named the Bilge Rats who themselves have adventures to offer. “The Bilge Rats have already heard a few juicy morsels about something stirring below the waves. Dare you seek out the truth?” read’s the update over on the game’s website.

If that wasn’t enough, a bunch of new flags are also arriving at the Shipwright which will be available both during and after the Hungering Deep limited time event. Speaking of permanent additions to the game, there’s apparently a new “monsterous” AI threat lurking in the depths of the ocean.

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The Hungering Deep is set to arrive in the Sea of Thieves on PC and Xbox One on May 29.

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