Sergiy Grygorovych, the creator of the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl game, announced at GSC Game World that another STALKER game is in the works, but we won’t be seeing it until at least 2021.

Details are unfortunately incredibly thin, in fact all of the information we know about the game is in the above paragraph. But it does leave us pretty hopeful for the future of the series which ended back in 2011 when GSC was shut down by Grygorovych.

The shutdown came as quite a shock as no details were given as to why the studio came to an end. Later in the year Grygorovych dissolved the company, citing “personal reasons” for why the studio disappeared.

Move forward to 2015 when GSC sprung to life and attempted to crowdfund a new successor game, Cossacks 3. Since then the studio has remained pretty quiet, until now, of course.

We’ll be keeping our ears close to the ground on more info around STALKER 2, though we may be here for some time…

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