Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is about to get a little more fighty as Capcom’s famed Street Fighter is coming to the game.

The teenagers with colour co-ordinated attitudes are about face some new adversaries as two worlds are about to clash. That’s right, the mobile game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is about to get a bunch of Street Fighter V characters added to its roster.

You can already play as your favourite Power Ranger, a few bad guys and even a Megazord. Though if you were always wondering if The Ninja Storm Blue Ranger could beat Chun-Li in a fight, you’re in luck.

Street Fighters characters which are crossing the pond, includes, Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Akuma, Cammy and Bison.

If you were wondering if there was an in-story explanation as to why this is happening. It looks like Bison and Rita Repulsa (from the 2017 movie) have both joined forces to be evil together. You never know, could get a comic book crossover, which would be cool.

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The update is available now, so get Morphin’ and get fighting.

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