SUPERHOT is getting a spin-off title, Japanese studio GameTomo has announced. This title will be independent from the original, and will have a Japanese setting.

The new title is currently codenamed SUPERHOT JP and will offer an alternative Japanese-themed setting from the original. It’ll also offer new weapons such as a bow and arrow.

Players can expect to find around 15 new levels set around Japanese environments such as karaoke bars, bullet trains, and samurai castles. There’ll also be a level where you can “dodge bullets while soaking in a hot spring”, according to the description found on one of the three screenshots released.

It also looks like the original SUPERHOT Team won’t be involved in the spin-off’s development.

SUPERHOT JP is pegged to launch on PC and PS4 in Japan “at a reasonable price”. There’s no VR version right now, nor is there any word on a western release, though it’s entirely likely.


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