SEGA has announced the next big Sonic-themed racing title, Team Sonic Racing, from developer SUMO Digital, that’ll land later this year on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

Following a leak over at Walmart (bloody Walmart), SEGA officially unveiled Team Sonic Racing, the latest arcade racer starring everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog. However this time it’s not a solo affair as players will be able to team up and share power-ups and boosts to get ahead in the game.

Team Sonic Racing is set to feature three unique character types: Speed, Technique, and Power, each with their own “team moves” to pull into first place. There are also 14 “Wisps” which feature offensive and defensive items which can be used against opponents.

The game will also feature circuits based on the Sonic Universe and be able to select characters such as Sonic, Shadow, and Tales. There’ll be two multiplayer modes too, one local for upto four players, and online which features up to twelve racers hashing it out on the track.

Finally, there seems to be a focus on customisation as players can customise their vehicles to suit their play styles.

“Team Sonic Racing blends the best elements of racing games,” said SEGA in a press release.

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Team Sonic Racing launches this Winter.

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