Pokémon GO exploded onto the scene and took the world by storm. Since then however things have died out as the only real additions to the game were new Pokémon and Raids. But that might all be changing soon enough.

According to DoctorPoGo, a pretty well-known Pokémon GO player, he spent an entire flight sitting next to Niantic CEO John Hanke (what are the chances?!) and during which Hanke was happy to answer questions about the future of the game.

Hanke revealed that in the near future we can expect the introduction of Generation IV which includes Pokémon such as Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup. Though in itself this news isn’t really that surprising. What is surprising though is the mention of Player vs Player.

Players have been asking for some sort of trading or PvP mode since Pokémon GO launched, which unfortunately hasn’t come into fruition just yet. However it seems Niantic are working on a PvP system. As for what that’ll entail, Hanke didn’t share any information as to when we can expect the feature.

Hanke confirmed that something is being done about making maps much more Raid-friendly, and the game’s level cap is set to increase. Players will also soon be able to submit locations to be used as PokéStops which is a nice touch.

Finally, Hanke spoke about taking action against spoofers who trick the game about their location in order to get region-specific Pokémon, or to simply be lazy and hit Gyms nearby without moving out of their seats. Simply put, more bans will be handed out. Hanke also mentioned that a new Pokémon GO Fest is in the works.

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