Westworld is back with its sixth episode, Phase Space, and holy shit, how about THAT ending!? Oh yea, SPOILERS ahead (obviously)…

Ford is back, as I’m sure most people have expected, and like we previously speculated in one of our earlier reviews, he has uploaded his consciousness into Bernard’s Brain-ball. Well, he resides in the “Cradle” but that technically means he is in fact in Bernard’s head… along with every single host throughout the 6 parks, so that’s fun. Whether he is just checking in with Bernard like he’s been doing with William, the Man in Black, or he’s about to drop a serious bombshell on us, the important thing here is it looks like Ford is back! While his reflection was in the piano, thus making it hard to tell if it was some on point CGI or if it was in fact sir Hopkins himself, it would be nice to see him return for a few episodes.

In case any of you missed out, the Cradle is basically a Hive Mind. It’s a collection of every host’s AI, backed up and “living” within one central server. When the hosts went off their programming, the Cradle itself began to evolve and learn as well. So basically, Westworld, along with the rest of the parks, are doing things Terminator style. So put simply, Ford has basically achieved immortality, while it isn’t through a host body, yet, he is still, in some way, alive and well. What this means for everyone else, human and host alike, remains to be seen, but this reveal isn’t coming to us without some serious knowledge about to be dropped on us. Hopefully it’ll be in the next episode.

Westworld Season 2 Screencap

Aside from that, this weeks episode was basically a check-in with all of the groups, which was a nice change up from each episode focusing on one or two groups for the entire hour. It seemed to focus on our half way point timeline, the one that’s a week into the host uprising, and the one that’s a week away from all of the hosts ending up floating in the middle of some lake.

For William, we saw him getting a royal mind fuck when he thought his daughter was one of Ford’s newest teases. It’s becoming clear that Westworld has become William’s (preferred) reality. While some might have been tricked by his moving performance, complete with water works, he showed us yet again that nothing will get in the way of his calling to deep dive into whatever he thinks the park has in store for him. He saw that his daughter can clearly hold her own in a fight so I guess that set his mind at ease enough to leave her in the middle of nowhere.

Maeve ends up back in Westworld and finally finding her daughter. It came as no surprise that her daughter had been programmed to feel for another mother, but that didn’t stop Maeve from ceasing an opportunity to save her when the Ghost Nation attacked. It wasn’t confirmed but I think we can assume the other mom is dead.

Westworld Season 2 Screencap

Dolores seems to be regretting, but also crushing on the new and improved Teddy. This dude does NOT fuck around. The most interesting part of Teddy’s “transformation” is that he is completely aware of the man he used to be! There were a few times he mentioned that the “old him” was weak, or that this is what Dolores wanted. It added a very cold, unsympathetic tone to everything he said and did. It was almost a “are you happy now” gesture to Dolores. She made him the way he his, so she best be prepared for the consequences of what he will potentially end up doing. The self aware aspect of Teddy is extremely intriguing, and I can’t wait to see who ends up on the wrong end of his gun, now that he is a merciless killer. To top things off, Delores and company ended the episode with a giant bust in, shoot’em up kind of way. Teddy leaving the one lab tech with a gun and single bullet as a form of “mercy” was just bad ass as well.

The final thing to touch on from this weeks episode of Westworld is that opening scene between Bernard and Delores. Turns out SHE is the one giving a fidelity test? And it was with Bernard?! How far in the future is this and why is she doing it to begin with?! Has Delores some how figured out a way to bring Arnold back, and shes just field testing him inside Bernard’s body.. Who is actually Arnold anyway?

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