Summer is on the way and Shattered Grid, the Power Rangers comics mega event, is in full swing with Power Rangers from all different eras popping up.

Shattered Grid tells a story of an evil version of Tommy, the first Green Ranger, deciding to destroy every Power Ranger that has ever been, and will be. So far, we’ve seen the ones that have been, which include Power Rangers Zeo, In Space, and Samurai.

We’ve also even seen the current Power Rangers appear, that being Power Rangers Ninja Steel but do you know who else should appear? Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

You may not have heard of Beast Morphers since it’s due to be the next Super Sentai series to be adapted into a Power Rangers series. To summarise, the theme is a mix of animals and spies and was a break from the norm in terms of Super Sentai, with different costumes and a different fight choreography.

Though, you’ve got to be wondering why I think it’s a good idea to have these novice Rangers appear since most of the teams that have appeared so far are in their prime.

Well, imagine if the Beast Morphers turned up right near the end and somehow managed to defeat Drakkon, save the other Rangers and of course, all of reality. That’s credibility some people could only dream of and it puts the new Rangers in an interesting position.

They’ve just saved all their predecessors and beaten a very powerful foe, but was it a fluke? Can they ever replicate that success? How will they cope with failure if they lose to their own set of villains? Would their egos have grown too big or do they take their roles far too seriously?

Could surviving bad guys from other shows come looking for them in a bid improve their villain credibility?

Overall, I think it would be neat if the Beast Morphers first real appearance was during Shattered Grid since it’s also kind of a nod to the Super Sentai show as new teams get a brief cameo in one of the yearly movies they make which helps wrap up the story from that show.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

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