Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift hit early access this week after 4 years of design, development and testing. We were invited along to a very unique launch event in surprisingly sunny London for this sky-high open world MMO.

It’s not every day you get invited to sit in a real life skyship and hoisted 150ft in the air to play a video game, but the guys at Bossa Studios don’t do things by halves. Anyone that has been following the development for Worlds Adrift can appreciate just how big of an achievement this is!

Walking around the corner to be greeted by the crew and seeing the skyship docked and ready for boarding was pretty spectacular. We were quickly ushered through to join the briefing for the first flight, emphasis on the brief, before being shown to our seats. The Bossa crew themselves were leading each flight, spawning in ships and items for everyone to use so that we could quickly get off the ground in game.

Strapped in and nervous as all hell it was time to begin. Getting to grips with the basic controls was incredibly intuitive, learning to master the grappling hook and finer points of the movement mechanics will no doubt take time but within moments everyone was throwing themselves haphazardly through the air. It wasn’t long after that the ground began to fall away beneath us and we were on the rise. The crew told us we had 45minutes to enjoy the view and the game, something that at first seemed like a long time but before we knew it we were descending back to terra firma.

The time in the air felt brief for a number of reasons, the first being the excitement of playing a game 150ft up in the air at table surrounded by 19 other people. More importantly though was the fact that we became so engrossed in the game itself. Worlds Adrift isn’t just pretty, it’s absolutely gorgeous. London’s skyline isn’t exactly the most breathtaking of views but from 150ft it’s got a certain charm to it, but it dulled in comparison to the visual aesthetics of Worlds Adrift‘s shattered islands and skyscapes. The game is quite simply captivating.

Not to mention a hell of a lot of fun too. The flight passed by in a blur, as we were enjoying flying through the air and exploring the skies with our airships in game. I’m a sucker for a decent grappling hook mechanic and I could spend hours flinging myself through the scattered terrain, gliding through clouds and exploring the islands populating the skies.

Despite only being in the game for a short time, it’s easy to see the incredible vastness of the game world and just how much it has to offer. The lore surrounding the game is deep and extensive, constantly being added to and refined as the game develops and evolves. The team’s enthusiasm and passion for the project shines through brilliantly with the skyship event being the perfect example. Worlds Adrift is only going to improve from here, becoming more impressive with every addition.

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