When you compare the Xbox press conferences to PlayStation and Nintendo, I think most people would put Xbox in third for the last few years. While they have had some great shows and big announcements, they’ve always seemed to be less flashy or immediately exciting and fan pleasing.

Announcements like the Xbox One X, the Elite Controller, and backward compatibility are game-changing announcements but they aren’t talked about long term because the fans stick with things like the Metroid 4 confirmation, Spider-Man gameplay or whatever the hell Kojima is smoking lately.

Unfortunately, I think E3 2018 will be more of that reaction. I think there will be great stuff from Xbox but I don’t think it will be ground-breaking or something to overload our hype over the next six months. Which isn’t a bad thing but I’m not going into this expecting a new game announcement from each of their first party developers. I expect we’ll be reassured that our Xbox’s are worth having and ultimately this may be another conference about enhancing the experience of Xbox for the gamer.

With that said, I’m not sure what Xbox will have for us outside keeping our hopes of Crackdown 3 alive. Most of this write up will be on the prediction side and even what I would like to see from Phil Spencer this year. I do expect a decent third party showing but I’m saving those games for a separate article. So this article will be sticking to Xbox as best as I can.

Crackdown 3

We’ve got to get some kind of good news from this title, right? Crackdown 3 has, seemingly, had a troubled time in development and last we heard of the project was that it was being delayed to this year. I expect if it’s ready and in the right shape, to see a good deal of Crackdown 3 and why we should still believe in this game.

It might take some hard selling to gamers to get them on board for Crackdown or even for an Xbox exclusive after State of Decay 2‘s buggy, messy launch. In my mind, this is Crackdown 3‘s chance to get back on everyone’s good side and in the mind of gamers this holiday season. Although if Crackdown 3 is targetting this holiday season, it may get lost in the weeds with every other big title releasing. Maybe 2018 wasn’t the best idea and if this becomes a spring 2019 title, I won’t be surprised in the slightest.

Best case scenario for this presentation will be if Terry Crews jumps off the stage and punches front row games journalists with a copy of the game. If you get punched by Crews, you get to keep the game because it’s ready to ship and the game launches in a month to avoid the madness of October.

Oh, and when you open the green plastic case, a Terry Crews audio clip plays and it’s just rotating sound bites of him screaming. Perfect.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

There’s no chance of us getting through this whole presentation without getting some kind of PUBG slow-jerk. I’m sure it’ll come in the form of player count or downloads or something like that. But Microsoft will tout this game up and down that stage before they have a roadmap of what’s next for the Preview title.

A full console launch plan would be nice to hear about but with the current state of the game, I’m sure it’ll hang in the Game Preview form for a bit longer.

Something exclusive to the Xbox version would be nice to see but who am I kidding, anything like that will be in a loot box.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Announced at last year’s E3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps has been pretty quiet. I feel pretty strongly about seeing more of the game again this year and if we’re lucky we’ll see some kind of release window. Xbox loves to push their indie titles and this year will be no different.

Forza Horizon 4(?)

If you ask Walmart, this will be Forza Horizons 5. Anyway, it seems like a given that we’ll see the new Forza Horizon game this year as Forza is on a cycle between the Horizon games and the Motorsport game. And if the rumors are true, this game will take place in Japan. I hope you’re one of the dozens out there who enjoyed Tokyo Drift.

E3 2018 Battle Royal Game Mode Oversaturation Extravaganza

Crackdown 3 seems like the easy answer but with how that game has gone consider the delays and other development setbacks, I don’t think this mode would be ready for an announcement. So I’m thinking it’ll be Minecraft. Can’t have an E3 without Minecraft. Minecraft already has a game mode that plays out like Hunger Games, but I think this will be more in the spirit of the current Battle Royal craze.


Halo 6’s official announcement happens with gameplay. We very recently received confirmation that Halo 6 or, “the next Halo game” is in development. I know, the surprise of the century.

After the mixed marketing that happened for Halo 5 and the backlash from the community over the campaign, 343 may be putting some extra thought into this title. Which could explain why it totally skipped last year’s E3.

The franchise typically follows a three-year development cycle which would put a release for this holiday. The Halo fan in me hopes to see Halo release this year but the jaded gaming journalist in me isn’t very confident.

Microsoft combines Xbox Live and Game Pass. I still believe you’ll be able to buy one subscription or the other individually. But the ultimate option for the Xbox owner is to play online with friends using the market’s best online service that also adds a library of games. Phil Spencer will say something like that and it will be the “game-changing” announcement I was talking about from year’s past.

Honestly, if this was something that was offered by Microsoft, I would pay for it. I already use Xbox Live and I love Game Pass so having both of those as one subscription would be even better. Granted, if this happens it could kill the free games with Xbox Live each month, but those could just be added to Game Pass.

At least one remake or remaster exclusive to Xbox. I’m thinking Perfect Dark but with the recent success of Crash Bandicoot and the revival of Spyro the Dragon we may be on the verge of getting Banjo or Conker back. In no way do I feel strongly about those claims but I wouldn’t be surprised by some kind of remaster to feed on your nostalgia.

Mircosoft will give us a reason to believe in Xbox first party titles again. Probably the craziest prediction ever, right?

The current rumor is that the conference will last two hours and I just don’t know where the content is coming from. I can see things playing out like they did last year, long explained announcements that are really cool plus a ton of third party games.

But I do have hopes that the presentation will give us Xbox owners a reason to believe in the next year or so of Xbox.


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