Dark Horse has recently announced that they will have a Zootopia graphic novel coming out this fall.

The graphic novel will be called Zootopia: Friends to the Rescue! and will be a prequel to the animated Disney feature. It is intended for younger readers and will consist of two short stories. One story follows a young Judy Hopps, her Pop Pop, and her sloth friend named Dinah, as they get into some mishaps at the Bunnyburrow County Fair and a hot air balloon.

The other story follows a younger Nick Wilde, in his less idyllic childhood. When Wilde is invited to his friend Hedy’s birthday party, he is faced with the fact that he can’t afford a gift, but his quick thinking may lead to something for Hedy that’s better than anything from the store.

Zootopia: Friends to the Rescue! will total 48 pages and be $7.99 before tax. It is available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble now, but won’t hit shelves until September 12.

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