For the past month or so, updates on the supporting cast of Little Dragons Café have been slowly trickling onto the Internet. Just recently, the official Japanese site updated and added more character profiles.

Our two new characters are Ginji, a self-titled “great thief” who resembles a humanoid rat. He often appears antsy and uncomfortable, and Celice, a young witch. She is actually found unconscious outside of the café. When she’s nursed back to health and fully conscious, she gets snippy and lets everyone know her feelings about witchy superiority to humanity.

Other recently revealed cast members are Morris, a shark-toothed poltergeist, and Chouchou, a little cat girl that’s a big-name pop star. We also received some character descriptions for the two player characters: Ren is “strong-willed and adventurous” and his sister, Rin, is “level-headed and strong-willed.” As of right now, there are still three shadowy figures on the Japanese site’s character page.

You may view both art and in-game screenshots of the new characters below.

For more information on other supporting cast members and gameplay, please check out our previous article on the topic. More screenshots and trailers for the game can be viewed here and here.

Little Dragons Café will be released on August 24 in both America and Europe, with a Japanese release date of August 30. The game will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, and there will also be a limited edition version of the game with extra goodies for both systems.

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