The Culling is getting a sequel, aptly named The Culling 2, developer Xaviant has announced, though this time they’ll be doing things a little differently.

The Culling was one of the first battle royale games to launch into Early Access and it was somewhat successful – for the first few months. Following a number of patches, massive updates, and new content, the game launched out of Early Access on PC, and out of Game Preview on Xbox One.

Just a few months later however, Xaviant decided to shut the game down. So it comes as somewhat of a surprise that they’ve announced a sequel to the game. What’s not surprising is that it looks to be heading down a similar route to other popular battle royale games.

The Culling took on a gameshow-like approach in which captive people were let out into an arena to battle it out to be the last one alive. The game involved both rummaging for loot but also crafting mechanics to give players at least some chances right out the gates. There were many aspects to The Culling which made it stand out, however it just didn’t quite capture the audience it deserved.

Then along came PUBG and Fortnite firmly bringing the battle royale game mode into a genre of its own, so I guess Xiaviant hope a second stab at The Culling might work out well for them.

Unfortunately things haven’t gone as smoothly as they’d have liked as a thread over on The Culling subreddit shows off some in-game assets and screenshots which many have criticised look more like a generic shooter like H1Z1 and PUBG. However in an interview with PC Gamer, director of operations Josh Van Veld defends the feedback:

“The direction we chose to take with The Culling 2 is to embrace what the genre has evolved into over the last couple of years, while preserving the core and spirit of The Culling. First and foremost is melee combat,” he said. “While The Culling 2 now features a full suite of ballistically-accurate firearms, our robust melee combat system remains intact and is more deadly than ever. Combined with specific Perks (another system we’re bringing back from the original game) and a more intimate Battle Royale setting, it is possible to build yourself as a fast, silent assassin capable of taking out gun-toting opponents.”

Right now, other than the video via the Tweet above, we know very little about The Culling 2. In the same PC Gamer interview Van Veld did reveal that they weren’t opting for Early Access this time around as it skewed people’s perceptions of the game’s launch. He also added that he’s excited to get the game into people’s hands soon, so we can likely expect a beta in the coming months, or at least some sort of announcement.

Either way, The Culling 2 is happening, so watch this space.

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