Activision has announced plans to close down it’s always-online Guitar Hero Live channel later this year, removing over 200 songs from the game.

Ah, the humble guitar video game, it attempted a revival and sadly fell flat on its face. Guitar Hero Live was Activision’s latest attempt to revive and revolutionise the guitar video game genre and for the most part it did better than Harmonix’s attempt. However it looks like the show might be over.

Over on the Activision Support page, the company announced that as of December 1, 2018, the GHTV mode within Guitar Hero Live will no longer be available. For those who don’t know, GHTV was essentially a series of music channels which were being broadcast 24/7 and at any point players could dive in and play along with the songs on screen.

Essentially, it was a randomised quick play mode for Guitar Hero Live which was perfect for parties as anyone could jump in and out at any point.

Come December 1, the GHTV service and servers will be shutdown. Players can no longer make in-game purchases, however any Hero Cash in hand can be spent up until the sunset date.

In addition, Activision has announced that the iOS version of Guitar Hero Live will no longer be available for download. Players who already own the app will still be able to access the game, but the company warns that future iOS updates may make the game inoperable.

When this date rolls around, players will still be able to access the Guitar Hero Live mode, but unfortunately the songs available will be significantly smaller. Over 200 songs will be lost when GHTV comes to a close, which leaves the base game with a little under 30 to choose from… yeesh.

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